Kamis, 30 Agustus 2012

9 in 1 hack (+ 50 TP/day) Haack NScP + XP hack Ninja Saga

 50 TP/Day Hack
Grade A,B,C
Killl Boss 
Tools :
SWF  : Mediafire -- Password : -NScP-

This Hack Made by Yahya Sahaja (-NScP-)


How to use :
  • Download,, Install and  Open Fiddler 2
  • Click  Tab autoresponder
  • Check unable permit and unmatched
  • Drag All SWF that you gave from this hack to Fiddler 2
  • go to Recruit Friends
Note : 
 *use ghost mouse to be Easy lvl Up ^^

When NEw mission was released,, NScP   will update to That hack mission ;)

Keep Visit,, NScP  and Check and  Like  notif  in   NScP's  Fun's Page to get more info ^_^

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